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Pixy Jester in the Mud! #1 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 4 0 Jester Boy Linus #4 - Walking in the mud! :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 1 0 Jester Boy Linus #3 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 0 0 Pixy Love :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 0 0 Jester Boy Linus #2 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 0 3 Jester Boy Linus #1 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 1 2 Pirate Boys and Warthog :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 1 2 Pirate Boys Mudfight :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 1 3 Bart Simpson - Men In The Shower :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 3 0 Patrick, the Pirate Boy for MudDay 2017 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 1 0 Bart Simpson - Pig Scrabble 2 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 0 0 Bart Simpson - Pig Scrabble! :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 2 0 Happy Pig Day! - Matschfrosch Comic Book Cover :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 1 0 Boys at Work - The Paint Boys 9 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 0 0 Boys at Work - The Paint Boys 8 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 1 0 Boys at Work - The Paint Boys 7 :iconmuddyfrogpond:MuddyFrogpond 1 0


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Pixy Jester in the Mud! #1
Cute Pixy Jester Donny invited by a fairy for a bath - in a slippery, smelly and muddy marsh! Uh, will the cute jester make his costume muddy and messy? What should Donny do?
Jester Boy Linus #4 - Walking in the mud!
Oh no, Linus love playing in the mud, but ... his nice jester costume will getting dirty. Linus thinks, it´s funny getting muddy as a jester ^^
Pixy Love
Two Pixies, mates, friends, lovers?
Pixies are mixture creatures of goblins and fairies. They have the magic of fairies and the naughty cuteness of goblins. More coming soon.

Willkommen im Muddy Frogpond
- dem coolsten Spielplatz der Welt!

Auf diesem Spielplatz gibt es nahezu keine Regeln, ausser die eine:

Mache dich so richtig schmutzig!

Muddy Frogpond Comics präsentiert freche Comics, Cartoons und Bücher für Kinder über Wasser, Schlamm und Matsch, aber auch lustige Geschichten über Piraten, gefährliche Tiere oder Clowns, die einen regelrechten Affenzirkus veranstalten!

Worauf wartet Ihr noch? Macht es wie der Frosch - nehmt Anlauf und springt mittenrein ins Vergnügen!

Viel Spaß, und denkt immer daran:

Mud is Fun! - Matsch macht Spaß!


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DW13-COMICS Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Nice artwork & I'm a very pro-advocate of Barefoot Children as I have studied: 8-)

What was your inspiration for Barefoot Kids?
MuddyFrogpond Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017
Thank you.
My inspiration was my own experience in childhood. We live on the countryside in the middle of woods and farms. Playing barefoot in the summer (or in sandals) was normal for us. The second reason is a bit simple: I´m not good in drawing shoes ^^ And I think, characters (also my adult fantasy creatures) look better barefoot. The feet are part of the human body like hands or face, why should them always protected?
DW13-COMICS Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017
EXACTLY, my man! 8-)
feet is just a part of us as Humans as well as our history. It is NORMAL, if not FORMAL to go Barefoot & modern culture is getting a bit bias to get the fact that Barefooting is absolutely healthy & should be performed as much as possible. Even schools should practice this more often, even thought early America had a shoes optional category.…

That, and I find Barefoot characters more developed & far better for personality traits. I kinda wish that the Superboy in the DC REBIRTH was Barefoot cuz he's just a kid & shoes restrict that type of playful method for the character. Fortunately, I have my own comic series, "Smallville Chronicles" where a young Clark Kent is Barefoot ALL the time in his childhood. 8-)

I think I'll watch you cuz Barefoot is Bad Ass. 8-)